Services for Families and Individuals

Preserving and transferring wealth requires a sound plan that reflects your individual needs and aspirations.  Our Trust professionals can help structure a plan and provide dedicated management to ensure you achieve your long-term goals.

As your assets grow, it's important to have a plan that ensures you preserve your wealth and ultimately transfer it to those that matter most.  Our seasoned Trust professionals have years of experience working with individuals and families to protect and transfer their assets.

Our full range of services includes:

Trust Administration

After working to build your nest egg, it's important that you transfer those assets to those that matter most.  Our Trust professionals can administer an estate plan that ensures your wealth is managed according to your long-term wishes.

Custody Services

Managing the adminstrative details of your portfolio can be time-consuming and complex.  We have the infrastructure and expertise to manage this important process for you.

Estate Settlement

When the time comes to settle your estate, Middleburg Trust Company can serve as Executor or Co-Executor, assuming responsible for virtually every aspect of the estate settlement process.


An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can be a smart and easy way to save as part of your overall retirement plan.


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