About Middleburg Trust

Our Firm

Middleburg Trust Company believes that strong personal relationships are the foundation upon which prudent investment and financial strategies should be based.

A Richmond based firm, Middleburg Trust was established to consistently provide individuals, institutions, and foundations with the highest quality fiduciary and investment management services. We listen to our clients intently as they describe to us in detail their long-term needs and goals. During this process, we help the client to focus on such issues as time horizon, risk tolerance, growth and income needs, and any special tax situations involving the individual or family. This is an educational and evolving process, but one that is necessary in order to create a truly effective and individualized financial and investment strategy. Our mission is to create a plan that is unique to the client, flexible, and takes into consideration the needs of future generations.

Since becoming Virginia's first independent trust company, in January of 1994, Middleburg Trust Company has experienced tremendous growth in assets under management and accountability. In 1998, we joined Middleburg Bank to form Independent Community Bankshares (renamed Middleburg Financial Corporation, effective May 15, 2002). Today, Middleburg Trust Company’s headquarters in Richmond's West End and our branch in the New Town area of Williamsburg serve the Central Virginia region and our offices in Middleburg and Alexandria, Virginia, serve the northern part of the Commonwealth. Currently, the assets under management and accountability of Middleburg Trust Company are in excess of $1.3 billion.

Our Commitment

Middleburg Trust Company is dedicated to providing our clients with unparalleled customer service, and a truly disciplined approach to portfolio management on an individual basis. We are very proud of the broad experience of our management and investment teams. Our commitment to service and performance distinguishes us from our competition, and makes us the preferred choice for individuals, institutions and foundations.

For a personal consultation, please give Middleburg Trust a call at (804) 644-2848.